How to end a friendship

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This is what makes the concept of friendship so amazing to me. But not everything is rosy in this life. There may be a dark side, too. It could very well be that friendship with someone and they told me that the person for a while ', do you think that does not work for various reasons. The reasons may be that the person's behavior, or other personal reasons. To determine whether the end of a friendship. But how do you go about it and set a date for your friendship? Here's more on it.

How to end a friendship

Basics. Introspect why you want to end a friendship and are valid reasons enough for you?
If you think you know why, only then you can add the item.
For example, you know when to end a friendship if your friend apparently demoralize or discourage. So, after you go slow and steady and first ask your friend for a suitable time and tell him to meet you.
Keep in mind that the place to be where you can have privacy and call the shots. Not to be honest, say what you mean at the end of the friendship.
Please do not ramble, just end it. Ending a relationship is difficult and time consuming to end a friendship, is no less different.
Be direct and honest, but do not be hard and cruel. In addition, reasons to put your friendship to end.
All things after presenting his case, be mentally prepared for the consequences. How is it possible that you can get some kind of reaction to his decision to end a friendship, violent subject (hopefully orally).
So, stay calm and let the person vent. After all, he said that the end of a friendship. It will take time for your friend to digest shocking.
If you do not want to get into all this, slowly cut contact with your friend. This will give your friend a clue and has enough sense that he / she will realize that it is not interested in him anymore.
When you make new friends or if your friends always ask you about your friendship, do not talk with your friends in a negative way.
Whatever said and done, this person is not your enemy, even if you have completed your friendship, so friendly, if you meet him / her when to end it.

All this applies to a person who is so negative and you happen to find a relationship with this person unconscious. How to end a friendship gracefully wrong with this tactic is always a good option, rather than completely ignore this person. I mean I have no other choice, if your relationship turns out to be an obstacle to your happiness? So let him go on his way and go your way. Ask your order and the completion of a friendship, but just do not hurt your friend emotionally. It can not be that bad. Finally, if these lines of Albert Camus no meaning for you and your friends, parting is what you can do. The disconnect here!

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