Gift Wrapped Bottle Clipart

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This is the final image in our popular bottle clipart series. This one is special because it is the only one in the collection that is a gift wrapped bottle clipart. This one is useful for adding to images of celebration, such as parties, anniversaries, weddings, and so on. People preparing images for such occasions will appreciate this clip art image.

gift wrapped bottle clipart

I hope you enjoyed our collection of bottle clipart images, and I also hope that you found them appropriate and useful. Be sure to check out our other categories and check back often for new themes and collections.

Brown Bottle Clip Art

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Here`s a nice simple brown bottle clipart for you as we near the end of our current theme series. This one can easily be used as a wine bottle image, or also as other types of bottles depending on how you choose to label the bottle.

brown bottle clip art

The above clipart image is simple but that adds to its flexibility for a wide range of uses.

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