Aquarius and Leo love relationship

Posted by Kitara Julian On 8:50 AM
Aquarius and Leo love relationship
Friendship compatibility between these characters are better than their love compatibility. As friends, colleagues or partners, form a team very well together. The energy and enthusiasm of Leo teamed with ideas and creativity makes Aquarius simply breathtaking. Both are loyal, dedicated, passionate, desire for novelty and then bring to life. But if the love compatibility, than the average, not very coherent or incoherent. Although both are fixed signs, they have a completely different character. Leo is very affectionate, pompous and dramatic, and Aquarius is constantly moods and phases of loneliness. These two sun signs are also common features in them because they are very sociable and friendly. They have a very creative mind and enthusiasm to try new things. This leads to a strong initial attraction between them. They are drawn together to their different characteristics. Leo loves the ideas of intelligence and innovative Aquarius and Aquarius, in turn, loves warm and playful character of Leo. They make a beautiful couple in bed compatible companions and social gatherings. In this first phase, the compatibility Aquarius and Leo just wonderful and seem made for each other.

But over time, he began a struggle for power. Because these two characters are strong characters, none of them willing to submit to others. Leo, Leo is a born leader and likes to rule the roost. On the other hand, the last Aquarius someone wants to dominate their lives and limit their individuality. Leo is very dramatic, it needs a lot of attention and admiration, and reflect on the physical aspects of love. Aquarius has a completely different character. His erratic behavior and nature can damage a bit 'far Lion. Although Aquarius is intelligent and innovative, is less concerned with monetary gain, success and power. Exactly the opposite, love Leo success, power, and all the luxuries of life. Sometimes seemingly shy Aquarius seems too slow for Leo.

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