Environmental Recovery

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Biological elements (biotic), is composed of the elements within living beings, such as humans, animals, plants, and crustacean body. If you are in the school garden, then the biological elements dominated by crops. But if you're in the classroom, the dominant biological environment are your friends or your teacher.

Man as authority within the earth plays a large role in determining the sustainability of the environment. Man as a creature of God who understand the world is able to change the face of the pattern simple life forms to modern life like today. But unfortunately, what people often do not offset with thoughts about the future life of the next generation. Many human progress achieved by bringing adverse impact on environmental sustainability.

The landslide and flood events indicate problems related to land use. Flooding has caused erosion of topsoil by erosion called water flow resulting in loss of soil fertility and soil erosion surface. Landslides caused because there is no element that holds the top layer of soil in place, giving rise to damage. If this is allowed to continue, it is possible that if the environment changed into a barren desert, the first step is to restore the fertility of the soil by phytoremediation method, which restores fertility of the soil at planting.

Land conservation efforts can be done to encourage tree planting or reforestation (greening) in the original bare soil. For hilly or mountainous land position tilt or sengkedan core should be developed, so as to inhibit the flow rate of rainfall.

An earthquake is the vibration of the earth skin can be caused by several things, including the activities of the magma (volcanic activity), subsoil, and seabed for the pancakes. People can measure how the intensity of the earthquake, but no way man can predict when an earthquake.
Continuous forest exploitation last a long time now offset by replanting, causing forests to be broken.

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