What is Friendships

Posted by Kitara Julian On 8:46 AM
Now, we will think and write about personals. What is friend?
The school is where you begin to meet people. This is the first moment of life that forces us to look beyond ourselves. New friends at school, for some children, it is a daunting task. However, each child finds a friend. Since the school year the formative years of our life, we learn lessons that probably no textbook could compete. Most of the lessons are like friends around us to believe that we can. The first moments of the performance, failure, love, laughter, loss, profit, and the changes are shared with friends. That is why we become part of us and burn the journey to find friendship.

Adolescence is the year in which you begin to experiment. Rebel is taking shape and challenge all learned so far. Many of us lose, we struggle with the demons hate purple and violence that dwells in us. At this stage, the wisdom of friends that comes to the rescue. True friendship is one that gives the spotlight on the vast ocean of problems and difficulties. The wise counsel of friends show us the way and the way to go. True friendship is one that does not give up at this stage.

A voice in the world younger, more dynamic as a teenager. At this stage of life, the "decision" to go up on stage. As difficult as it seems, make decisions, education or career is just as important in terms of value and purpose. None of us is perfect, so every choice is a big mistake. Friends help you see past mistakes and start your senses in the table of life. Friendship means more feeling and thinking.

The popular epic series, "Harry Potter" For me, this is more emphasis on friendship, Harry, Ron and Hermione adventure. Throughout the book, the duo, Ron and Hermione, who was unhurt, the near-death situations for Harry. The series is a great example of courage, determination and undying love for each other. The fourth book, Harry sees generously giving away their price to Fred and George, Fred lost his life to save Harry in the last book. The author, J. K. Rowling has created the magical imagination of children. But the book is much more interesting lessons for adults. These are lessons that "love over hatred, always wins the race." This unconditional love of his friends is a lesson that we tend to forget the life exasperating.

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