Fish Clip Art

Posted by Kitara Julian On 2:46 PM
One of the most searched types of clipart is fish clip art. I haven't put so much fish clipart on this site until now, so today I decided to add some more fish images to meet the demand!

My hometown is a fishing village, so fish are very familiar to me. I used to go fishing with my family as a kid, taking home sockeye salmon and trout, and a lot of bullheads (a kind of fish you can't eat, so we would throw them back into the water). And now I live in Japan, known for its great seafood especially sushi, which is made of (usually) raw fish.

Here are some fish clip art you may find useful for your fish or fishing related site!

Star fish clip art images
scary piranha fish clipart image for free
Green and yellow fish clipart cartoon image
Blue and Orange fish clipart
black and white fish clip art colorable picture

I hope you found the above fish images useful. And I hope you have a chance to enjoy fishing and eat fresh fish straight from the ocean. There's nothing like it!

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