School Supplies Clipart

Posted by Kitara Julian On 1:16 AM
Here you can download free school related clipart of school supplies. Great for adding to your school supplies sales website, or for education/teaching-related websites.

Free pencil school supplies clipart picture for students.

School supplies clipart of ruler, pencils, notebooks, and erasers.

Free school related clipart of a box of crayons.

Free school related clipart of a blackboard and chalk.

Free picture of scissors school supplies clipart.

School supplies clipart of ruler for kids to download.

Cliparts of school supplies like backpacks, bags, and lunch boxes.

Pencil, notebook, bag, and lunch kit school supplies clipart in black and white. Ace Kids Club.

Free images of math related school supplies clipart like a protractor, ruler, math books, and pencil.

Crafts related school supplies like scissors, glue, and origami paper in this clipart picture.

All kinds of school supplies clipart, like a globe, ruler, pencil crazyons, scissors, books, etc.

Crayons, glue, scissors, apple for the teacher, and other school supplies related clipart pics.

Stapler clipart of school supplise.

Eraser tape white school supplies clipart pic for students going back to school soon.

We hope you found these school supplies clipart images useful. Be sure to bookmark and check out our other clipart themes. We have over 90 themes so far and are adding more every day!

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